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Straightstone Angus

About Our Farm

Starting in 2006 with only 5 bred cows, Straightstone Angus has grown to around 150 breeding age females managed on over 750 acres of owned and leased land in Virginia's beautiful South Central Piedmont. Our donor dams and brood cows have come directly from, or can be genetically traced to, some of the best animals and programs both in the region and nationally. These genetics have been improved and amplified through the extensive and almost exclusive use of the techniques of AI, ET, and IVF supplemented by modern genomics. We are extremely proud of our herd health program, vaccinate appropriately including Bang's vaccination for our females, and perform both BSE and PI-BVD testing on our breeding bulls prior to sale.

Visitors to our farm are warmly welcomed! We encourage you to call and schedule a tour to see our farms and our animals.

Robert 'Doc' Durr
Karlene Bloom

Kar and Doc

Business Principles

Straightstone Angus, LLC was established in October 2006 with one goal in mind — to develop a production seedstock herd of Registered Angus cattle having, and reliably capable of transmitting, outstanding end product merit. We adhere to the following farming and business principles:

  • Seedstock animals are the source of genetics that ultimately end up on your table. We pay special attention to characteristics that favor marketability and consumer satisfaction including marbling and rib eye area.
  • The ideal calf is born alive and grows quickly. Calving ease and reasonable birth weights are paramount, but we do not sacrifice growth or efficient mature size.
  • While some cattle are worth more than others, those that are unmanageable aren't worth much at all. We breed for docility and have virtually daily human contact with our cattle, culling behavioral outliers regardless of EPD's.
  • It takes a great mother to make a great son. You can't breed an Atlas to a Twiggy and expect great results. Many of our donors and dams can be maternally traced directly to mothers of renowned stud sires.
  • Treat your customers like they are family. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. We offer one of the best bull guarantees in the industry and stand firmly behind our cattle (they are, after all, gentle!).
  • Treat your animals like they are family. Simply stated, cows are good people!! We treat our cattle well, and they return the favor.